§ 254.05  LONGEVITY PAY.
   (a)   The city hereby establishes that longevity pay shall be paid to all full-time salaried and full-time hourly employees and shall be earned and administered in accordance with the following formula:
Completed Years of Service to the City
Amount of Additional Yearly Longevity Pay Earned
   (b)   Such longevity pay shall be accumulated for each eligible employee during the year and shall be paid in a single payment on the first pay period in January. The first longevity pay payment to an employee shall be prorated for the period of time between the employee's first eligibility anniversary date and the following January 1. Thereafter, each eligible employee shall be paid his or her longevity pay in a single payment on January 1 of each year for the previous year. For example, an employee who is hired on June 1, 1980, shall start earning longevity pay on June 1, 1985. That employee shall receive his or her first longevity pay payment on January 1, 1986, in the amount of two hundred seventy-five dollars ($275.00). On January 1, 1987, that employee shall receive a longevity payment of five hundred fifty dollars ($550.00) and shall thereafter, for each year or portion thereof, receive his or her longevity pay on January 1 for the preceding year.
(Ord. 84-O-14, passed 4-16-1984)