Section 8.  Powers and Duties.
   The legislative powers of the Municipality, except as otherwise provided by this Charter and by the Constitution of the State of Ohio, shall be vested in the Council. The Council shall by ordinance or resolution make provision for:
   (a)   The time and place of regular meetings of the Council;
   (b)   The method of calling special meetings of the Council;
   (c)   The method of giving public notice of the enactment of its ordinances and resolutions and of any other of its acts or proceedings which it deems proper to publish, provided, however, that until so provided for, such public notice shall be in the manner provided by the statutes of the State of Ohio;
   (d)   Fixing the salary of its members which in no event shall be increased during the term for which the members were elected;
   (e)   The procedure for making public improvements and levying assessments, including the procedure for combining two (2) or more public improvements, and the levying of assessments therefor, in one proceeding, if the Council finds that it will be economical and practical to undertake such improvements jointly;
   (f)   The advertising and awarding of contracts;
   (g)   Such other general regulations as the Council may deem necessary;
   (h)   The form and method of enactment of its ordinances and resolutions, provided that:
      (1)   No ordinance or resolution shall contain more than one subject which shall be clearly expressed in its title;
      (2)   Each ordinance and resolution shall be read by title only, provided the Council may require any reading to be in full by a majority vote of its members;
      (3)   Each ordinance and resolution shall be read on three (3) different days. Council may dispense with this rule by a vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of its members;
      (4)   The vote of the passage of each ordinance or resolution shall be taken by yeas and nays and entered upon the journal;
      (5)   No ordinance or resolution shall be passed without the concurrence of a majority of all the members of Council;
      (6)   Each emergency measure necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health or safety of the community shall contain the reasons for such necessity and shall require the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the Council for its enactment;
      (7)   No action of the Council authorizing any change in the boundaries of the City, or the surrender or joint exercise of any of its powers, or granting any franchise, or contracting for the supply to the City or its inhabitants of the product or service of any utility, whether Municipally owned or not, shall be taken as an emergency measure.
(Amended 11-4-1980; 11-6-1990; 11-2-2010)