(A)   Filling town offices by caucus. A vacancy in a town office that was last held by a person elected or selected as a candidate of a major political party of the state shall be filled by a caucus under I.C. 3-13-11.
(I.C. 3-13-8-1)
   (B)   Vacancy by incumbent during election contest, incumbent’s right to hold over. If, pending the outcome of an election contest, the incumbent vacates the office after the expiration of the incumbent’s term, the vacancy shall be filled as are other vacancies under I.C. 3-13-8 until the election is decided or the office is otherwise filled. This provision does not affect the incumbent’s right to hold over as provided in Indiana Constitution Art. 15, § 3.
(I.C. 3-13-8-11)
   (C)   Person filling vacancy; bond; oath; rights and duties. A person filling a vacancy under this section must give the same bond, take the same oath, and receive the same rights and duties as the official who vacated the office.
(I.C. 3-13-8-12)
   (D)   Person filling vacancy; term. A person selected to fill a vacant office under this section holds the office for the remainder of the term.
(I.C. 3-13-8-13)