(A)   Employees holding a position requiring cellular telephone availability will receive a monthly cellular telephone allowance according to the following: $40 per month.
   (B)   Town employees receiving a cellular phone allowance will maintain an active cellular telephone at all times and are required to provide the telephone number of that cellular telephone to the town. Town employees are also required to maintain features on their plan according to the allowance level that they are receiving compensation for.
   (C)   The cellular telephone allowance cannot be used for a track phone.
   (D)   Cellular telephones and accessories owned by the town at the time this policy is adopted can be retained by the employee for use with the employee's cellular telephone contract. Required taxes for any telephone and/or equipment retained by the employee will be deducted from the employee's paycheck and reported on their form W-2. All future cellular telephone equipment needs are the responsibility of the employee.
   (E)   In the event an employee terminates his or her employment with the town, the cellular telephone allowance will be prorated by the number of days employed during the month and any allowance that might be required to be reimbursed to the town, will be withheld from the employee's last pay check.
   (F)   Employees will not be eligible for cellular telephone allowance during disability leave or any other extended leave of absence from work.
(Ord. 11-15-2, passed 11-9-2014)