§ 91.152  EXEMPTIONS.
   The following types of burning are allowed:
   (A)   The burning of charcoal, clean untreated wood, and other cooking fuels customarily used in an outdoor grill, traditional food cooking devices, or campfires.
   (B)   Fires used for recreational or ceremonial purposes such as school pep rally fires or the celebration of Scout activities. Recreational or ceremonial shall meet the following conditions.
      (1)   Only clean untreated wood or charcoal shall be used. Paper or petroleum products can be used for ignition purposes only.
      (2)   The fire shall not be ignited more than two hours before the recreational activity is to take place and shall be extinguished upon the conclusion of the activity.
      (3)   The pile to be burned shall be less than 1,000 cubic feet (e.g., ten feet by ten feet by ten feet).
      (4)   The local fire department shall be notified 24 hours in advance if the pile to be burned is more than 125 cubic feet (e.g., five feet by five feet by five feet).
      (5)   The fire shall not be for disposal purposes.
      (6)   The fire shall not be within 500 feet of a pipeline or fuel storage area.
(Ord. 9-07-1, passed 9-10-2007)