(A)   The location of the fire alarm devices must match the design professional’s approved plans. All deviations without revised plans shall be approved by the Fire Chief and shall be filed with State Plan Review.
   (B)   All required fire alarm systems shall be monitored by an approved supervising station in accordance with National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 72.
   (C)   Fire alarm initiating devices, alarm signaling devices, annunciators, or control panels shall not be concealed, obstructed, or impaired.
   (D)   All fire alarm systems required to be installed per the Indiana Building Code shall be equipped with addressable fire alarm components that can have their respective status individually identified or that is used to individually control other functions.
   (E)   Access panels shall be provided to facilitate the testing, inspection, and cleaning of HVAC duct detectors.
   (F)   A posted diagram of all HVAC duct detectors shall be provided at the main electrical panel or a location approved by the Fire Chief.
   (G)   HVAC duct detectors that are not accessible from the finished floor shall be provided with remote test buttons. The location of the remote test buttons shall be approved by the Fire Chief.
   (H)   A copy of the as-built fire alarm plans for all required fire alarm installations shall be kept permanently on-site in an approved location near the fire alarm control panel (FACP).
   (I)   In all newly-constructed Class 1 structures, a listed fire alarm notification device shall be required in all walk-in freezers and coolers that exceed 100 square feet.