(A)   Plans for fire alarm systems, water-based fire protection systems, fire pumps, special hazard fire suppression systems, high-piled storage arrangements, and firestop systems shall be submitted to the Town Fire Department prior to the request for a required wall rough inspection.
   (B)   Each respective submittal shall contain the following information:
      (1)   Sprinkler systems:
         (a)   One full set of sprinkler/standpipe plans;
         (b)   One full set of sprinkler/standpipe calculations;
         (c)   One copy of the sprinkler construction design release (CDR); and
         (d)   One set of manufacturer’s cut-sheets for all sprinkler heads in the design.
      (2)   Fire alarm systems:
         (a)   One full set of fire alarm plans (one-eighth inch to one inch scale);
         (b)   One set of battery calculations;
         (c)   One copy of the fire alarm construction design release (CDR);
         (d)   One set of manufacturer’s cut-sheets for the fire alarm control panel (FACP) and fire alarm components; and
         (e)   One fire alarm performance matrix.
      (3)   Special hazard fire protection systems:
         (a)   One set of plans (if applicable);
         (b)   One set of engineering data (if applicable);
         (c)   One copy of the construction design release (if applicable); and
         (d)   One set of manufacturer’s cut-sheets for system components.
      (4)   Fire pumps:
         (a)   One copy of the manufacturer’s fire pump specifications; and
         (b)   One copy of the manufacturer’s certified pump test characteristic curve.
      (5)   Firestop systems:
         (a)   Through-penetration firestop systems;
         (b)   Membrane-penetration firestop systems;
         (c)   Fire-resistant joint systems;
         (d)   Perimeter fire barrier systems; and
         (e)   Fire-rated duct and air-transfer openings.