§ 91.062  FIRE HYDRANTS.
   (A)   All private fire hydrants and water mains shall be installed and maintained as set forth in the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 24, 2007 Edition. In determining the location and spacing of fire hydrants, the Fire Chief may utilize the International Fire Code (IFC), as in effect from time to time, Appendix C entitled “Fire Hydrant Locations and Distribution” as a guide.
   (B)   All fire hydrants required by the Fire Chief, or his or her designee, shall be approved by the Town Fire Department and accepted by the water utility having jurisdiction prior to any construction above the foundation.
   (C)   Within the fire protection district of the Town Fire Department, all new and existing fire hydrants shall be equipped with connections that are compatible with the Town Fire Department hydrant adapters.
   (D)   Whenever the provisions of this chapter require the installation of a public or private fire hydrant, such hydrant shall meet the specifications outlined in the Town Fire Department fire hydrant specifications list which is maintained at the office of the Town Fire Prevention Bureau Inspection Division.