(A)   Each trailer coach park shall be provided with a custodian’s office where each trailer coach entering the trailer coach park shall be assigned to a lot location, given a copy of the trailer coach park rules and registered according to prescribed form. This registration shall include the name and address of every occupant of the trailer coach; the license number of all units; the state issuing the licenses; and a statement indicating the exact location at which the trailer coach was last parked, include the state, city, town or village where the parking occurred. The licensee shall keep a register of all children of school age occupying trailer coaches in the trailer coach park.
   (B)   The abovementioned register shall be signed by the occupant of the trailer coach. Any person furnishing misinformation for purposes of registration shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable under the laws of the state and under the penalty provisions of this chapter. The registration records shall be neatly and securely maintained, and no registration records shall be destroyed until ten years have elapsed following the date of registration. The register shall be available at all times for inspection by law enforcement officers and the Village Clerk.
(1983 Code, § 3-7-8)