The following provisions shall be applicable to all trailer coach parks licensed under the provisions of this chapter.
   (A)   It shall be the duty of each licensee, on the first days of February and September of each year, to file with the Village Clerk a report giving the names and ages of all children of school age living in the trailer coach park. The Village Clerk shall then file with the Hiawatha School Board a copy thereof.
   (B)   All streets and driveways in every trailer coach park must be maintained in a passable and reasonably dustproof condition at all times, and all streets and driveways in every coach park shall have a minimum width of 20 feet.
   (C)   The management of every trailer coach park shall assume full responsibility for maintaining in good repair and condition all sanitary and safety appliances on the park, and shall promptly bring such action as is necessary to prosecute or eject from the park any person or persons who willfully or maliciously damage the appliances, or any person or persons who fail to comply with regulations of this chapter.
   (D)   All facilities and requirements for local trailer park control shall meet at least the minimum requirements of the state Trailer Coach Park Control Law and the rules and regulations adopted by the Illinois Department of Public Health pursuant to authority contained in the state law.
(1983 Code, § 3-7-7) (Ord. passed 7-1-1957;  Ord. passed 3-23-1958)
Statutory reference:
   Powers over certain businesses, see 65 ILCS 5/11-42-9
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