(A)   Upon receipt of an application permit to construct a trailer coach park or any application for a license to operate and maintain the same, the Department shall, if the park is, or the proposed park will be, in conformity with this chapter and the rules and regulations adopted by the Department pursuant thereto, issue a permit to construct or an original license, as the case may be. If the application for a permit to construct or a license is declined, the Department shall give the reasons therefor in writing to the applicant; and, if the objections can be corrected, the applicant may amend his or her application and resubmit it for approval.
   (B)   If a permit to construct a trailer coach park has been issued, the applicant upon completion thereof shall notify the Department. The Department shall then inspect the trailer coach park and if completed in accordance with the accepted application, the Department shall issue a license.
   (C)   No change in any sanitary facilities, methods of water supply, sewer, drainage, garbage or waste disposal, and no change in the plot plan shall be made without first making a written application to the Department and receiving a written permit therefrom. The application shall be made in the way and manner hereinbefore set forth; except that a fee amounting to $10 shall accompany each application for a permit to alter the trailer coach park for each ten acres or fraction thereof used to harbor trailer coaches thereon. No application fee shall be required to accompany an application for a permit to alter a trailer coach park where the alteration involves only a reduction in the number of trailer spaces to a number less than the trailer coach park is currently licensed for, the change or changes shall comply with the safety and sanitary rules and regulations as are applicable thereto.
   (D)   The permit does not relieve the applicant from securing building permits as such may be required under other ordinances of the village.
(1983 Code, § 3-7-4)