(A)   In order to obtain a permit to construct or an original license to operate a trailer coach park, the applicant shall file with the Department a written application setting forth:
      (1)   The full name and address of the applicant or applicants or names and addresses of the partners, if the applicant is a partnership, or the names and addresses of the officers, if the applicant is a corporation, and the present and last occupation of the applicant at the time of the filing of the application;
      (2)   The location and legal description of the tract of land upon which it is proposed to operate and maintain a trailer coach park;
      (3)   The proposed and existing facilities in the trailer coach park for water supply; sewage, garbage and waste disposal; fire protection and for a sanitary community building, which will include a description of toilets, urinals, sinks, wash basins, slop sinks, showers, drains and laundry facilities, the proposed alterations therein and the maintenance thereof;
      (4)   The proposed method of lighting the structures and land upon which the trailer coach park is to be located;
      (5)   The calendar months of the year which applicant will operate the trailer coach park;
      (6)   The plot plans of the trailer coach park, building plans and specifications for existing buildings and facilities, and the plans and specifications for new buildings and facilities or the proposed alterations in existing facilities, all as may be required by the rules and regulations of the Department under the provisions of this chapter; and
      (7)   A statement of the firefighting facilities, public or private, which are available to the trailer coach park.
   (B)   An affidavit of the applicant as to the truth of the matters contained in the application shall be attached thereto. Where a permit to construct as well as an original license to operate is sought by the applicant, request therefor shall be made in the same application. Each application shall be accompanied by an application fee amounting to $25 for each ten acres of land, or fraction thereof, proposed to be used as a trailer coach park. Each application fee shall be paid to the Department by a separate certified check or United States money order in the amount of the application fee only, and the application fee, once paid to the Department, shall not be refunded.
(1983 Code, § 3-7-3)