(A)   Proximity of churches, schools, hospitals. No license shall be issued for the sale at retail of any alcoholic liquor within 100 feet of any church or church properties, school or school properties.  In computing the distance set out in this section, measurements shall be from the respective nearest property lines.
   (B)   Floor where liquor is dispensed.  No license for the sale of intoxicating liquor where the intoxicating liquor is to be consumed upon the premises shall be granted, unless the place of sale be upon the ground floor of the building.
   (C)   Visibility of interior of premises.  In premises upon which the sale of alcoholic liquor for consumption upon the premises is licensed, no screen, blind, partition, article or thing shall be permitted in the windows or upon the doors of the licensed premises nor inside the premises, which shall prevent a clear view into the interior of the licensed premises from the street, road or sidewalk at all times, and no booth, screen, partition or other obstruction nor an arrangement of lights or lighting shall be permitted in or about the interior of the premises which shall prevent a full view of the entire interior of the premises from the street, road or sidewalk, and the premises must be so located that there shall be a full view of the entire interior of the premises from the street, road or sidewalk.  All rooms where liquor is sold for consumption on the premises shall be continuously lighted during business hours by natural light or artificial white light so that all parts of the interior of the premises shall be clearly visible.  In case the view into the licensed premises by the foregoing provisions shall be wilfully obscured by the licensee or by him or her wilfully suffered to be obscured or in any way or manner obstructed, then the license shall be subject to revocation in the manner herein provided.  In order to enforce the provisions of this division, the President shall have the right to require the filing with him or her of plans, drawings and photographs showing the clearance of the view as herein required.
   (D)   Change of location.  A retail liquor dealer’s license shall permit the sale of alcoholic liquor only in the premises described in the application and license.  The location may be changed only upon the written permit to make the change issued by the President.  No change of location shall be permitted unless the proposed new location is a proper one for the retail sale of alcoholic liquor under the laws of this state and the ordinances of the village.
   (E)   Entrance changes require approval. No change shall be made of any premises licensed hereunder with reference to entrances after a license has been granted without the written approval and consent of the President.
   (F)   Restaurant restrictions.  Restaurants that are licensed to only serve beer and wine in their premises shall only do so to customers who are seated and who have purchased a meal.  Restaurants that are licensed to serve beer and wine may only have a service bar in their premises and no patrons may be seated at the bar. Restaurants with a license to sell alcoholic liquor may have a bar on the premises but the service at the bar shall be secondary to the service of meals at tables.
(1983 Code, § 3-2A-8)  (Ord. 99-18, passed 10-4-1999; Ord. 03-06, passed 4-21-2003; Ord. 16-08, passed 6-20-2016)