(A)   The Village President and Board of Trustees may revoke the license of any licensee who:
      (1)   Violates the provisions of this subchapter;
      (2)   When the pool or billiard hall or video game room, as intended, reasonably and needlessly disturbs the peace of the neighborhood;
      (3)   When the immoral or disorderly practices are permitted on the premises; and
      (4)   When any owner or manager, while in the course of his or her employment concerning the billiard or pool hall or video game room, violates any laws or ordinances of the United States, this state, the county or the village.
   (B)   When any license is rejected by the President and the Board of Trustees, it shall not issue a license to operate a billiard or pool hall or video game room on the premises until after a period of three months has elapsed and thereafter only when the reason for the revocation has been corrected or if it is established that the reason will not reoccur.
(1983 Code, § 3-3A-5)