Any person desiring any license under the provisions of this chapter shall make application in writing to the village for the license, which application shall state the name or names of the party or parties desiring the license, the period of time and the purpose for which it is desired and the particular place for which it is desired to produce, conduct or offer the amusement, entertainment, exhibition or performance.  Upon approval of a majority of the Board of Trustees and upon the payment by the applicant of the license fee hereinafter specified, the Village Clerk shall issue a license in accordance with the principle of the application, which license shall state the purpose for which it is issued, the particular person or persons to whom issued and the particular place or buildings for which the same is issued and the amount of the license fee paid thereunder.  Every license issued hereunder shall contain a statement that it is accepted subject to the terms and conditions of the ordinances of the village in force or which may at any time become in force during the term of the license relating to the same or the subject matter thereof, and that it is issued subject to revocation by the Village President.
(1983 Code, § 3-3-2)