(A)   Costs for towing and storage of a motor vehicle pursuant to this chapter shall be those approved by the chief of police for all towing companies authorized to tow for the police department.
   (B)   This chapter is in addition to and shall not replace or otherwise abrogate any existing state or federal laws or any ordinance that relates to the seizure or impoundment of motor vehicles, and any fee provided for in this chapter shall be in addition to any and all penalties that may be assessed or imposed by a court for any criminal charges.
   (C)   This chapter shall not apply:
      (1)   If the motor vehicle used in the violation was stolen at the time of the violation and the theft was reported to the appropriate police authorities within 24 hours after the theft was discovered;
      (2)   If the motor vehicle is operated as a common carrier as defined by applicable law and the violation occurs without the knowledge of the person in control of the motor vehicle; or
      (3)   If the motor vehicle is subject to successful forfeiture proceedings under 725 ILCS 150/1 et seq., as amended (Drug Asset Forfeiture Procedure Act); 720 ILCS 5/36-1 et seq., as amended (Seizure and Forfeiture of Vessels, Vehicles and Aircrafts), or other state or federal forfeiture laws.
   (D)   All fees collected by the village pursuant to this chapter shall only be deposited and used for village traffic safety and enforcement expenditures.
(Ord. 14-02, passed 1-13-2014)