(A)   Drain and waste cock.  There shall be a drain and waste cock attached to every supply pipe at the point where it enters the building in such a manner as to admit of the water being shut off in cold or freezing weather, and the pipes being emptied.
   (B)   Kind and quality of copper pipe.
      (1)   The connection from the main and all authorized branches to the inside line of the building or house shall be placed at least five and one-half feet below the surface of the ground, and shall be made of copper pipe of the quality known in commerce as “extra strong.” It shall be laid sufficiently waiving so that it shall be at least one foot longer than if laid straight, and placed in such a manner as to prevent rupture or breakage from settling of the ground. All copper pipe used for interior plumbing shall be of the same quality known in commerce as “extra strong.”
      (2)   For interior plumbing work beyond the inside of the building or house, galvanized iron pipe, joints and couplings shall be of a quality known in commerce as “standard.” Other interior plumbing may be of such kind as the applicant or owner may direct, but it and all other must stand a pressure of 300 pounds to the square inch. All drain cocks used in connection with the waterworks system or plant shall be made of brass and shall be of a quality known in commerce as “standard,” and shall be strong enough to resist the pressure of water in all cases.
   (C)   Size of connections. No connections shall be made with the mains in freezing weather unless special circumstances make the same safe, and then only when approved by the Superintendent. All connections where the same join the main shall be at least 24 inches apart. The opening or tap for any connection in a four-inch main shall not be larger than to receive a five-eighths-inch connection; for a six-inch main no larger than to receive a three-fourths-inch connection; and all above six-inch mains no larger than to receive a one-inch connection, except in mains above six inches under special circumstances rendering it safe, and then only when first permitted by the Committee on Fire and Water, a tap to receive a larger connection than one inch may be made.
   (D)   Height of public hydrants and street washers.  All public hydrants and street washers shall extend at least five feet in the ground and shall have a good and sufficient drip well surrounded with rubble stone, so as to allow free drainage of water from the bottom thereof.
   (E)   Approval by Superintendent.  All plumbing and plumbing work shall be done subject to the approval of the Superintendent and no work underground shall be covered up until examined by him or her or some person or persons under his or her direction.
   (F)   Access to premises.  The Superintendent and the person or persons authorized by him or her shall be permitted to enter and have free access at all reasonable hours to buildings, premises or places containing any such connections, branches, plumbing or plumbing work in any manner or way connected with the system or plant to ascertain the location and condition thereof and all fixtures connected therewith. If upon the inspection or otherwise it is found that on account of negligence or for want of repairs there is a waste of water in the connections, branches, plumbing work or plumbing, and the owner or person in charge or possession thereof fails to have the defects immediately remedied and the waste stopped, it shall be the duty of the Superintendent or some person directed by him or her to leave a notice of the waste of water at the premises with some person in possession thereof, or if no one is found in possession by posting the same upon the premises.  If the defects are not remedied and the waste stopped within 24 hours after giving or posting the notice, the water shall be shut off and shall not again be turned on until the sum of $1 in addition to all rents due has been paid to the village.
   (G)   Return of work. It shall be the duty of all plumbers to make a return in writing to the Superintendent showing in detail all plumbing or plumbing work, including repairs, done or installed by them in the village connected with the water system or plant, and the number and size of all openings therein through which water can be taken. When any connection or branch is put in hereunder, it shall be the duty of the plumber doing or installing the plumbing or plumbing work connected therewith to make the return before the water is turned on and permitted to enter the connection or branches, and it shall be unlawful to turn on the water until the return is made. Any plumber failing or refusing to make any such return within five days after the completion of the work, or making misrepresentations therein, shall not thereafter be permitted to act as a plumber or do plumbing work in the village.
(1983 Code, § 7-1-7)