(A)   The Village Treasurer shall receive all such revenues from the combined waterworks and sewerage system and all other funds and monies incident to the operation of the system as the same may be delivered to him or her and deposit the same in a separate fund designated as the Village of Kirkland Waterworks and Sewerage Fund, and the Treasurer shall administer these funds in every respect in the manner provided by the provisions of Combined Waterworks and Sewerage System, being 65 ILCS 5/11-139-1, and all laws amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto.
   (B)   The Village Treasurer shall keep or cause to be kept full and complete books of accounts separate and apart from any other records of the village showing in detail all monies received by him or her with data and sources and all matters pertaining to his or her office in a clear and methodical manner.  He or she shall also keep such other books as the Village Board of Trustees may from time to time direct.  All the books, accounts and papers pertaining to that office shall at all reasonable times be open to the inspection of the Board of Trustees, any member thereof, the holder of any outstanding waterworks and sewerage revenue bonds, or any duly authorized agent or agents of the holder. The Village Treasurer shall establish a proper system of accounts and shall keep proper books, records and accounts in which complete and correct entries shall be made of all transactions relative to the combined waterworks and sewerage system, and at regular annual intervals he or she shall cause to be made an audit by an independent auditing concern of the books to show the receipts and disbursements of the combined waterworks and sewerage system.
   (C)   In addition to the customary operating statements, the annual audit report shall also reflect the revenues and operating expenses of the sewerage works including a replacement cost, to indicate that sewer user service charges and industrial cost recovery charges do in fact comply with this chapter. In this regard, the financial information to be shown in the audit report shall include the following:
      (1)   Flow data showing total gallons of wastewater flow for the fiscal year;
      (2)   Billing data to show total number of gallons billed;
      (3)   Debt service for the next succeeding fiscal year;
      (4)   Number of users connected to the sewerage works;
      (5)   Number of nonmetered users; and
      (6)   A list of users discharging industrial wastes and volume of waste discharged.
   (D)   The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency or its authorized representative shall have access to any books, documents, papers and records of the village which are applicable to the village system of user charges or industrial cost recovery for the purpose of making audit, examination, excerpts and transactions thereof to ensure compliance with the terms of the special and general conditions to the state grant.
(1983 Code, § 7-3-6)