For purposes of the calculation of the service provider fee, GROSS REVENUES shall not include:
   (A)   Revenues not actually received, even if billed, such as bad debt, subject to § 33.72(F).
   (B)   Refunds, discounts, or other price adjustments that reduce the amount of gross revenues received by the holder of the state-issued authorization to the extent the refund, rebate, credit, or discount is attributable to cable service or video service.
   (C)   Regardless of whether the services are bundled, packaged, or functionally integrated with cable service or video service, any revenues received from services not classified as cable service or video service, including, without limitation, revenue received from telecommunications services, information services, or the provision of directory or Internet advertising, including yellow pages, white pages, banner advertisement, and electronic publishing, or any other revenues attributed by the holder to non- cable service or non-video service in accordance with the holder's books and records and records kept in the regular course of business and any applicable laws, rules, regulations, standards, or orders.
   (D)   The sale of cable services or video services for resale in which the purchaser is required to collect the service provider fee from the purchaser's subscribers to the extent the purchaser certifies in writing that it will resell the service within the local unit of government's jurisdiction and pay the fee permitted by this section with respect to the service.
   (E)   Any tax or fee of general applicability imposed upon the subscribers or the transaction by a city, state, federal, or any other governmental entity and collected by the holder of the state-issued authorization and required to be remitted to the taxing entity, including sales and use taxes.
   (F)   Security deposits collected from subscribers.
   (G)   Amounts paid by subscribers to "home shopping" or similar vendors for merchandise sold through any home shopping channel offered as part of the cable service or video service.
(Ord. 15-08, passed 10-5-2015)