The head of each department of the village (being the Chief of Police, Superintendent of Public Works and Village Clerk) shall each have the power to enter into contracts and purchase goods and materials which cost up to $250, without the prior approval of the Village President and Board of Trustees. Contracts and purchases in excess of $250 shall require the prior approval of the Village President and Board of Trustees. In all cases where the amount of a contract or the cost to purchase goods and services is in excess of $250, except in the case of an emergency as described in § 30.17, the department head shall make a request to the Board of Trustees in writing to approve the purchase with information to substantiate the cost and a brief explanation of why the purchase is necessary. Each requested contract or purchase in excess of $250 shall be listed on the next agenda of a Board of Trustees meeting for review and a vote. In addition, in case of an emergency, a department head is authorized to make emergency purchases in excess of $250 with the consent of the Village President or the Chair of the appropriate committee which oversees the department. The Village President or Committee Chair shall notify the other members of the committee if an emergency expenditure is authorized. In addition, if an emergency expenditure is authorized, the department head shall promptly provide a report of the expenditure to the Board of Trustees.
(Ord. 16-13, passed 1-3-2017; Ord. 2020-02, passed 5-4-2020)