(A)   To the extent and as required by the Act, 820 ILCS 130/0.01 through 12, as may be amended from time to time, the general prevailing rate of wages in this locality for laborers, mechanics and other workers engaged in the construction of public works coming under the jurisdiction of the village is hereby ascertained to be the same as the prevailing rate of wages for construction work in DeKalb County as determined by the Department of Labor of the State of Illinois (the “Department”), as is annually or otherwise updated , any such determination being incorporated herein by reference. As required by said Act, any and all revisions of the prevailing rate of wages by the Department shall supersede the Department’s prior determination and apply to any and all public works construction undertaken by the village. The definition of any terms appearing in this section which are also used in the Act shall be the same as the definitions specified in the Act.
   (B)   Nothing herein is intended to apply or shall be construed to apply said prevailing rate of wages as herein ascertained to any work or employment performed on behalf of this village except public works construction to the extent required by the Act.
(1983 Code, § 1-10-1)  (Ord. 07-06, passed 6-4-2007; Ord. 08-14, passed 6-16-2008; Ord. 09-04, passed 6-15-2009; Ord. 10-02, passed 6-21-2010; Ord. 11-08, passed 6-6-2011; Ord. 12-08, passed 7-2-2012; Ord. 14-12, passed 7-7-2014; Ord. 15-04, passed 6-1-2015; Ord. 16-07, passed 6-6-2016; Ord. 2017-03, passed 6-5-2017; Ord. 2018-06, passed 6-4-2018)