§ 31.57  DUTIES.
   (A)   The powers and duties herein described shall be exercised only in the absence of the Clerk from the place where the Clerk’s office is maintained, and only when either written direction has been given by the Clerk to the deputy to exercise such power, or the Board of Trustees has determined by resolution that the Municipal Clerk is temporarily or permanently unable to perform that function.
   (B)   When duly authorized as provided herein, the Deputy Clerk shall have the power and duty to execute documents required by law to be executed.  The signature affixed by the Deputy Clerk on any such document shall have the same effect as if signed by the Municipal Clerk.
   (C)   A Deputy Clerk shall be the subordinate of the Village Clerk and the Village Clerk shall be held responsible, severally, for fidelity and supervision of the Deputy Clerk.
(Ord. 06-11, passed 11-27-2006)