The Superintendent of Public Works shall have charge of the improvement, repairing and cleaning of the streets, avenues and alleys of the village and shall supervise the construction and repairs of all sidewalks, bridges and other public works thereof.  The Superintendent of Public Works, under the direction of the Board of Trustees, shall have the general supervision and management of the waterworks and of all property, machinery and appurtenances connected therewith.
   (A)   Receive applications for water.  He or she shall also receive applications for water and give information in all matters relative to the waterworks and water rates, and he or she shall see that all ordinances relating to waterworks and water rates are strictly enforced.
   (B)   Keep accounts and records. He or she shall also keep full and detailed accounts and records of all business connected with the waterworks in suitable books and forms so as to readily show the amount and kinds of materials and supplies on hand and contracted for the persons employed about the works, the time and rate of wages at which they are employed, the amount and kind of pipe laid or repaired; the hydrants, valves, cutoffs, connections and attachments made for consumers or for fire protection with the cost of same, the location and condition thereof, the kinds and amounts of rents or charges for water contracted for and the amounts due by individuals with the accounts paid thereon, and such other accounts and records as the Board of Trustees may direct.  These books shall be open at all times for the inspection of all village officers.
   (C)   Read meters; report monies collected.  He or she shall also install and read all meters and keep records of amounts of water consumed.
(1983 Code, § 1-9-2)