(A)   Corporate seal.
      (1)   In addition to the duties now imposed upon the officer by law, he or she shall affix the Corporate Seal to all papers which shall require it.  He or she shall also sign and issue all licenses and permits, in compliance with the ordinances of the village, or as so ordered by the President, Board of Trustees or other proper officer of the village.  He or she shall sign, seal and number all bonds issued by the village, and keep a true and correct account of the same.
      (2)   He or she shall be the custodian and keeper of the Corporate Seal and of all books, records, ordinances and papers of the village, except as otherwise provided by law.
   (B)   Attend meetings.  He or she shall attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees and keep a full record of all proceedings in the journal; keep all records, receive, mark and properly file all papers coming to this office belonging to the village; grant certified copies from the records or papers of the village, and execute such orders as he or she may receive from the Board of Trustees. He or she shall also, within ten days after they are passed, cause all ordinances of the village imposing any fine, penalty, imprisonment or forfeiture, or making any appropriation, to be published in such newspaper as the Board of Trustees shall designate.
   (C)   Read petitions, bills. All petitions, remonstrances, bids, bills or other communications, addressed to the President or Board of Trustees, shall be received by the Clerk and read by him or her, at the meeting of the Board of Trustees next succeeding their receipt by him or her, unless otherwise ordered by the Board of Trustees.
   (D)   Deliver resolutions and ordinances.
      (1)   Resolutions delivered to Trustees. He or she shall without delay deliver to the officers of the village and to the proper committee of the Board of Trustees all resolutions and communications referred to such officers or committees by the Board of Trustees.
      (2)   Ordinances delivered to President.  He or she shall without delay deliver to the President all ordinances or resolutions under his or her charge which may require approval or action by the President, with all the papers relating to same.
   (E)   Licenses.
      (1)   Grant and issue licenses.  All applications for licenses to be issued by the village shall be made to the Clerk, who shall have power to hear and grant applications therefor, and each and every license authorized or required by an ordinance of this village shall be issued by the Clerk upon the proper application therefor and the payment to him or her of the amount of the license fee as provided in the several ordinances of this village.
      (2)   Keep records of licenses. He or she shall keep a full record of all licenses granted, transferred or revoked by authority of the Board of Trustees, with the date that the same were granted, transferred or revoked (and if revoked, the cause therefor), with the number thereof, and full name and residence of applicants for such licenses, in a book to be kept by him or her for that purpose and, where bonds are required, the names of the bondspeople or sureties.
   (F)   Notify person elected or appointed.  It shall be the duty of the Clerk, within five days after the result of any election is declared or appointment made, to notify all persons elected or appointed to any village office of their election or appointment, if the DeKalb County Clerk has not done so.
   (G)   File ordinance of tax levy.  It shall be the duty of the Clerk, within the time prescribed by law, in each year, to file with the County Clerk of DeKalb County, Illinois, a certified copy of the ordinances in which the total amount of appropriations for all corporate purposes of the village legally made are levied and assessed.
   (H)   Water and sewer charges.  The Clerk shall, in accordance with applicable ordinances, compute all the charges for water and sewer service provided by the village; send statements for the service in accordance with the village's billing practices; receive payment; and report to the Board of Trustees all delinquent accounts.
(1983 Code, § 1-6-2)  (Ord. 541, passed 3-3-1975; Ord. 11-02, passed 4-4-2011)