(A)   Any person who operates a golf cart in the city and fails to receive or properly display a city permit/sticker, will be subject to the state laws requiring registration, insurance and any other applicable laws, in addition to being in violation of this chapter.
   (B)   Golf carts will be subject to the traffic laws of the state.
      (1)   All operators must adhere to all laws that apply to normal vehicle operation, to wit: stop signs, stop lights, one-way streets and the like, all alcohol laws will also apply.
      (2)   Golf carts will adhere to all traffic flow patterns and will operate on the right side of the roadway.
      (3)   Golf cart operators must yield the right-of-way to any overtaking vehicles.
      (4)   Golf carts shall not be operated on sidewalks.
      (5)   Golf carts shall not be operated on private property without the permission and consent of the property owner.
   (C)   Golf carts that are issued permits to operate under this chapter may only be used from sunrise until 30 minutes prior to sunset.
   (D)   Golf carts shall be operated within a two-mile radius of the owners’ residence or place of business.
(Ord. 08-24, passed 7-29-2008)  Penalty, see § 74.99