Golf carts being operated on the permitted streets within the city must be in compliance with the following.
   (A)   There may be two applications for golf cart permits per household made each year. For any number greater than two, they must be approved by the City Manager. All applicants for golf cart permits must be residents within the city limits.
   (B)   The application must be on a form approved by the city for this purpose.
   (C)   The applicant must be the owner of the golf cart and provide with the application, proof of liability insurance in at least the minimum coverages for liability insurance, as is required for the operation of other motor vehicles for operation on the streets and highways of the state. The required liability insurance coverage must be maintained in effect during all times when a permit issued is in a valid status and/or as long as the golf cart is being operated on the streets of the city.
   (D)   Permits/stickers will be issued to an owner of only electric or gas golf carts.
   (E)   All golf carts must be meet minimum requirements and standards for safety equipment. A photograph of the golf cart for which a permit may be issued, must be attached to the application applying for issuance of a permit.
   (F)   All golf cart operators must possess a valid driver’s license. However, one may operate a golf cart if one has been issued a limited learners permit under those restrictions and requirements as are set out in G.S. § 20-11 and its subparagraphs. A driver or operator 18 years of age and older, with a medical or physical condition that prevents that individual from being able to obtain a valid state driver’s license, may be able to operate a golf cart. The medical condition must be evidenced with professional, certified medical proof that indicates that the condition prevents the driver or operator from taking a driver licensing exam. The medical professional must document that the operator does not possess a medical condition that would prevent the safe operation of a motor vehicle and this documentation must be updated annually. Any driver or operator that is exempt from the requirement of a valid state driver’s license must still present and have on record and in their possession while operating a golf cart, a valid state identification card.
   (G)   The permit and/or sticker which will be issued by the city, indicating that the golf cart has been authorized to be operated on the streets of the city, shall have that permit and/or sticker affixed to the golf cart during its operation in a prominent area on the golf cart for display.
   (H)   Golf carts by design are equipped to seat a certain number of passengers. Each golf cart differs in that it may accommodate two to six passengers generally. This section is designed to regulate overcrowding or reckless operation of a golf cart. Therefore, no passengers are permitted to stand on a golf cart while it is in operation.
   (I)   Permits/stickers will be issued annually, and shall be valid from July 1 of a year through June 30 of the following year. The fee to be paid upon the issuance of permit/sticker shall be in the sum of $20 annually, and as may be amended, and such is not an amount which may be prorated. Lost or stolen permits/stickers are the responsibility of the owner. The city shall immediately be notified in the event of a lost or stolen permit/sticker. The city may require a new application to be filed for the issuance of a permit/sticker for that golf cart from which a permit/sticker has been lost or stolen. This re-application may require the resubmission of any and all fees necessary before a replacement permit/sticker is issued.
(Ord. 08-24, passed 7-29-2008; Ord. 08-27, passed 8-26-2008)  Penalty, see § 74.99