An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is allowed on lots in the Village Residential District (VR) or the Single Family Residential District (R-1) as a special use subject to the following conditions:
   (A)   Only one ADU may be created per lot and it may be attached or detached from the main residence if it is part of a garage structure.
   (B)   The owner of the lot in which the ADU is created must continue to occupy at least one of the dwelling units as their primary residence.
   (C)   The architectural character of a combination garage and ADU shall have the same architectural character as the primary residential structure.
   (D)   Any new separate outside entrance serving an ADU shall be located on the side or in the rear of the building and it shall be a separate entrance from the primary residential unit.
   (E)   The ADU, excluding any garage area and other non-living areas such as workshops or greenhouses, shall not exceed 33% of the total square footage of the main building and the ADU combined after modification.  The ADU shall not contain less than 300 square feet or more than 600 square feet.
   (F)   An ADU may not be occupied by more than three people nor have more than two bedrooms.
   (G)   Off-street parking shall be provided for the owner-occupant(s) and tenants on the lot, with a minimum of three or a maximum of four parking spaces.
   (H)   All ADU’s must be connected to the village sewer and water utilities.
   (I)   All proposed ADU will require a detailed site plan review (§ 152.228) and a special use permit (§ 152.229) with a recommendation from the Planning Commission and an approval from the Village Council.
   (J)   The ADU can not be sold separately from the primary residence.
   (K)   The ADU will require a separate sewer and water connection from the primary residence.
   (L)   The total number of pets allowed on the lot shall not exceed four as per § 152.038(B).
   (M)   The Village Zoning Administrator may do yearly inspections to determine if the ADU is in compliance with the zoning ordinance special use conditions.
   (N)   The construction of any ADU must be in conformity with all state building codes, Grand Traverse County codes and other local ordinances.
(Ord. 1 12-13, passed 12-9-2013)