(A)   Generally.  The Village Manager shall be responsible to the Village Council for the proper administration of all of the affairs of the village and, to that end, subject to the provisions of the Village Charter, he or she shall have the following functions and duties.
   (B)   Specifically.
      (1)   To take the steps as may be necessary to insure enforcement of all village laws and ordinances;
      (2)   To take the steps as may be reasonably necessary to ensure that all village contracts and franchises are honored and compliance is had with the terms and conditions of the same;
      (3)   To supervise all village public utilities, improvements, works, and undertakings and the finances of the village;
      (4)   With the consent of the Village Council, to employ and discharge the officers and employees in the departments under the Village Manager's jurisdiction;
      (5)   To attend all meetings of the Village Council and to take part therein but without a vote;
      (6)   To prepare the annual itemized budget and to keep the Council fully advised as to the financial conditions and needs of the village;
      (7)   To purchase all materials, supplies, or equipment, including insurance, for which funds are provided in the budget, but he or she may not purchase any item which exceeds $5,000, absent specific authorized action by the Village Council;
      (8)   Recommend to the Village Council for adoption the measures as he or she may deem necessary or expedient;
      (9)   Be an ex officio member of all committees of the village (except Planning Commission) and serve as advisory staff to the Planning Commission;
      (10)   Be responsible to the Village Council for the efficient administration of all village departments and utilities;
      (11)   Be responsible to the Village Council for the proper discharge of all obligations of the village;
      (12)   Make investigations into the affairs of the village or any department or division thereof and investigate all complaints in relation to all matters concerning the government of the village in regard to service maintained by the public utilities in the village and see that all franchises, permits, and privileges granted by the village are faithfully observed;
      (13)   Devote his or her entire work time to the discharge of official duties and he or she shall have no outside employment or retainer, unless approved by the Village Council or as may be authorized pursuant to the Village Manager's contract; and
      (14)   Perform the other duties as the Village Council may direct that naturally pertain to the general management of village affairs and he or she shall execute and perform all administrative functions of the village that are not imposed by the Charter or any village ordinance upon other officials.
(Ord. 99-2, passed 8-2-1999)