§ 152.324  INSPECTION.
   The village shall regularly inspect the premises of the sexually-oriented business in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of this subchapter. An applicant or licensee shall permit the Zoning Administrator or representatives of the Code Enforcement Office, Grand Traverse County Sheriff and his or her deputies, and/or Health Department to inspect the premises at any time the establishment is open for business in order to determine compliance with the requirements of this subchapter and other applicable village, county, and state ordinances and statutes. The inspection shall include visual assessment of the activities conducted in areas to which patrons have access or are allowed access and requests for identification of those individuals who reasonably appear to be under the age of 18. A person who operates a sexually-oriented business or his or her agent or employee commits a misdemeanor if he or she refuses to promptly permit such lawful inspection of the premises.
(Ord. 6 08-05, passed 8-1-2005)