The duty of administering and enforcing the terms of this chapter is hereby conferred upon the Village Zoning Administrator and, in furtherance thereof, he or she is empowered to:
   (A)   Issue all permits and certificates, and maintain records thereof;
   (B)   Conduct inspection of all buildings and structures and the use of all lands subject to the provisions of this chapter to determine compliance;
   (C)   Maintain correct and permanent records of this chapter, including but not limited to maps, amendments, special use permits, variations, and appeals;
   (D)   Maintain a public information office relative to all matters arising out of the administration of this chapter;
   (E)   Investigate all applications for variances and special permits, and report all findings to the Village Council; and
   (F)   Initiate appropriate action to notify the individual and the Village Council of any illegal act or violation of this chapter.
(Ord. passed 10-23-1978, § 16.02)