(A)   The Village Clerk shall have the following duties as described in Public Act 3 of 1895, Ch. 4, being M.C.L.A. § 64.1 to 64.21, being the Village Charter:
      (1)   Attend all regular and special Village Council meetings and record Council proceedings;
      (2)   Prepare and process official minutes of Council meetings;
      (3)   Maintain minutes, resolutions, ordinances, contracts, deeds, and other Village Council documents;
      (4)   Administer oaths of office and sign official documents;
      (5)   Conduct all public bidding processes;
      (6)   Answer inquiries, handle complaints, provide explanation of taxes, special assessments, rates, fees, ordinances, resolutions, and Council actions in a timely, professional, and courteous manner; and
      (7)   Financial officer:
         (a)   Maintain control over all savings, checking, and local unit of government accounts and prepare monthly bank account reconciliations with the general ledger;
         (b)   Invest, track, and post earnings on village funds;
         (c)   Coordinate and administer annual operating and capital budget preparations, implementation, monitoring, and amendments;
         (d)   Certify fund availability to the Council and Manager;
         (e)   Coordinate annual audit and make needed adjustments to financial records;
         (f)   Prepare monthly and quarterly revenue/expense reports for the Manager/Council;
         (g)   Coordinate accounts payable/receivable, utility billing, payroll, and tax collection;
         (h)   Assist Village Treasurer, Assessor, and county staff with annual property tax revenue settlement process;
         (i)   Coordinate, monitor, and collect special assessments;
         (j)   Assist Manager, Council, and public with analysis, preparation, publicity, and issuance of general or special debt instruments; and
         (k)   Perform related duties as required by the Village Manager.
   (B)   (1)   In addition to those statutory duties and responsibilities as set forth in Public Act 3 of 1895, being M.C.L.A. § 61.1 to 75.12, the Council may establish further duties and responsibilities for the Village Clerk as may be from time to time set forth by Council.
      (2)   The statutory duties and responsibilities may be supplemented by those duties and responsibilities created by the Village Council by resolution or as set forth in any “job description” created and approved by Council.
(Ord. 17-2001-R, passed 11-5-2001)