(A)   New towers and antennas.  All new towers or antennas in the Village of Kingsley shall be subject to these regulations, except as provided in divisions (B) through (D) below.
   (B)   Amateur radio station operators/receive only antennas.  Sections 152.245 et seq. shall not govern any tower, or the installation of any antenna, that is under 70 feet in height and is owned and operated by a federally-licensed amateur radio station operator or is used exclusively for receive-only antennas.
   (C)   Preexisting towers or antennas.  Preexisting towers and preexisting antennas shall not be required to meet the requirements of §§ 152.245et seq., other than the requirements of § 152.248(F) and (G).
   (D)   AM array.
      (1)   For purposes of implementing §§ 152.245et seq., an AM array, consisting of 1 or more tower units and supporting ground system which functions as 1 AM broadcasting antenna, shall be considered 1 tower.
      (2)   Measurements for setbacks and separation distances shall be measured from the outer perimeter of the towers included in the AM array.
      (3)   Additional tower units may be added within the perimeter of the AM array by right.
(Ord. 98-3, passed 10-10-1998)  Penalty, see § 152.999