(A)   Off-street parking requirements.  The following parking spaces are required to be furnished off-street:
      (1)   Single-family - 2 spaces;
      (2)   Two-family - 2 spaces per unit;
      (3)   Multiple-family - 2 spaces per unit;
      (4)   Mobile home park - 1 1/2 spaces per site, plus 1 guest space per 4 sites;
      (5)   Commercial, general - 1 space per 400 square feet;
      (6)   Office, general - 1 space per 200 square feet; and
      (7)   Industrial - 1 space per 400 square feet.
   (B)   Off-street parking site development requirements.  Off-street parking areas shall be designed, constructed, and maintained in accordance with the following standards and requirements.
      (1)   No parking lot shall be constructed until a permit is issued by the Zoning Administrator.
      (2)   Before the permit is issued, plans and specifications shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator showing the location, capacity, size, site design, surfacing, marking, lighting, drainage, curb cuts, entrances, exits, and any other detailed features essential to design and construction of the proposed parking facility.
         (a)   Plans for the layout of off-street parking facilities shall be in accord with the following minimum requirements:
Parking Pattern Lane Width
Parking Space
Parking Space
0 degrees
12 feet
8 feet
23 feet
Parallel Parking
30-53 degrees
12 feet
8 ½ feet
20 feet
54-74 degrees
15 feet
8 ½ feet
20 feet
75 -90 degrees
20 feet
9 feet
20 feet
         (b)   All parking spaces shall be provided access by means of maneuvering lanes.  Backing directly onto a street shall be prohibited.
         (c)   Adequate ingress and egress to the parking lot by means of clearly defined drives shall be provided for all vehicles; ingress and egress to a parking lot lying in an area zoned for other than single-family residential use; and shall not be across land zoned for single-family residential use.
         (d)   Each entrance and exit to and from any off-street parking lot located in an area zoned for other than single-family residential use shall be at least 25 feet distant from adjacent property located in a single-family residential district.
         (e)   1.   All off-street parking areas abutting single-family residential districts shall be provided with an obscuring constructed or living fence of no less than 4 feet 6 inches in height.
            2.   The fences shall be constructed of materials approved by the Zoning Administrator and shall be durable, weather-resistant, and easily maintained.
         (f)   Except for single-family and 2-family residential lots, all parking areas, including parking spaces and maneuvering lanes, shall be surfaced with a material that shall provide a durable, smooth, and dust-free surface; and shall be graded and drained to dispose of all properly collected surface water so that it does not pollute adjoining waters or property.
         (g)   Any lighting shall be so installed as to be confined within and directed into the parking area only.
   (C)   Off-street loading and unloading requirements.  On the same premises with every building structure or part thereof involving the receipt or distribution of vehicles, materials, or merchandise, there shall be provided and maintained on the lot adequate space for standing, loading, and unloading in order to avoid undue interference with public use of dedicated public streets.
   (D)   If an applicant can demonstrate to the Planning Commission, through a recommendation by the Zoning Administrator, with a parking study and/or case studies or by other means, that sufficient parking for non-residential use can be provided within the downtown core area as per the Master Plan, dated May 21, 2007, that is less than the listed minimum parking requirement, then the amount of parking may be reduced or eliminated.
(Ord. passed 10-23-1978, §15.05; Am. Ord. 02 02-08, passed 2-4-2008)   Penalty, see § 152.999