(A)   Distribution to authorities.
      (1)   The Village of Kingsley Zoning Administrator shall deliver the proposed condominium subdivision plan to the Village of Kingsley Planning Commission and the Kingsley Village Council for review.
      (2)   The Village Zoning Administrator shall retain 1 copy and send 1 copy to the Grand Traverse County Fire Marshal.
   (B)   Planning Commission Review.
      (1)   The Village of Kingsley Planning Commission shall review the condominium subdivision plan and the reports of the Grand Traverse County Road Commission, Grand Traverse County Drain Commissioner/Soil Erosion Officer, the Grand Traverse County Health Department, Michigan Department of Public Health, and the Village Zoning Administrator.
      (2)   The Village of Kingsley Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing on the proposed condominium plan after at least 1 publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the village at least 15 days prior to the date of the hearing.  The public hearing shall be held and notice provided pursuant to § 152.274.
      (3)   If following the review and the public hearing prescribed above, the Village Planning Commission determines that the proposed plan meets all requirements of this chapter, the Planning Commission shall send notice of action taken with comments to the Kingsley Village Council.
      (4)   If the condominium subdivision plan does not meet all requirements, the Village Planning Commission shall recommend disapproval of the plan by the Village Council.  The Planning Commission shall state its reason in its official minutes and forward same to the Kingsley Village Council, and recommend that the Kingsley Village Council disapprove the condominium subdivision plan until the objections causing disapproval have been changed to meet with the approval of the Village Planning Commission.
   (C)   Kingsley Village Council Review.
      (1)   The Village Council shall not review, approve, or reject a condominium subdivision plan until it has received from the Planning Commission its report and recommendations.
      (2)   The Kingsley Village Council may consider the condominium subdivision plan at its next meeting after receipt of the recommendations from the Village Planning Commission.
      (3)   The Village Council shall either approve the condominium subdivision plan, reject the plan and give its reasons, or table the proceedings pending changes to the plan to make it acceptable to the Kingsley Village Council.
(Ord. passed 10-23-1978, § 14.12; Am. Ord. 2006-4, passed 7-10-2006)