(A)   (1)   In the event that any developer shall intend to make changes in the contour of any land proposed to be developed, or changes in use by grading, excavating, or the removal or destruction of the natural topsoil, trees, or other vegetative covering thereon, the same shall only be accomplished after the owner of the land or his or her agent has submitted to the Village of Kingsley Planning Commission for approval a plan for erosion and sedimentation controls, unless there has been a prior determination by the Kingsley Village Planning Commission that the plans are not necessary.
      (2)   The plans shall contain adequate measures for control of erosion and siltation, where necessary, using the guidelines and policies contained herein and the standards and specifications of the Grand Traverse County Soil Conservation District, if any.
      (3)   The Kingsley Village Planning Commission shall review these plans as submitted and shall take necessary steps to ensure compliance by the developer with these plans as finally approved.
      (4)   In circumstances where soil erosion control comes under the jurisdiction of Public Act 347 of 1972, being M.C.L.A. §§ 282.101 to 282.117 (1 acre or more), the developer shall submit a set of plans approved by the Soil Erosion Control Officer.
      (5)   The village requires applicants to submit approval letters from all applicable agencies at the time of application.
   (B)   The following control measures should be used for an effective erosion and a sediment control plan.
      (1)   The smallest partial area of land should be exposed at any 1 time during development.
      (2)   When land is exposed during development, the exposure should be kept to the shortest period of time.
      (3)   Where necessary, temporary vegetation and/or mulching should be installed and maintained to remove sediment from run-off waters from land undergoing development.
      (4)   Sediment basins (debris basins, silting basins, or silt traps) should be installed and maintained to remove sediment from run-off waters from land undergoing development.
      (5)   Provisions should be made to effectively retain on the property any increased run-off caused by changed soil and surface conditions during and after development.
      (6)   The permanent final vegetation and structures should be installed as soon as practical in the development.
      (7)   The development plan should be fitted to the topography and soils so as to create the least erosion potential.
(Ord. passed 10-23-1978, § 14.08)  Penalty, see § 152.999