(A)   Condominium lots.
      (1)   The Condominium Subdivision Plan shall indicate specific parcel dimensions with front, rear, and side condominium lot lines allocated to each condominium dwelling.
      (2)   For the purpose of this section and to assure compliance with the provisions, herein, these parcels shall be referred to as condominium lots.
      (3)   The description, size, location, and arrangement of the condominium lots shall conform to the requirements of a conventional platted subdivision.
      (4)   All condominium subdivision lots shall be deeded as limited common elements for the exclusive use of the owners of the condominium subdivision units.
   (B)   Area and bulk requirements.  Each condominium dwelling unit shall be located within a condominium lot.
      (1)   The maximum size condominium lot per dwelling unit, the maximum dwelling unit height, the minimum yard setbacks, the minimum elevation, width of principal structure, and the maximum percentage of condominium lot area covered by all structures shall conform with the requirements of the zoning district in which the condominium dwelling unit is located.
      (2)   The condominium lot size and the required setbacks shall be measured from the designated front, rear, and side condominium lot lines.
      (3)   Side condominium lots lines shall be essentially at right angles to straight roads and radial to curved roads.
      (4)   (a)   Narrow deep condominium lots shall be avoided.
         (b)   The depth of a condominium lot generally shall not exceed 2½ times the width as measured at the building line.
      (5)   Corner condominium lots shall have extra width to permit appropriate building setbacks from both roads or orientation to both roads.
      (6)   Condominium lots shall contain a landscaped easement at least 20 feet wide along any public or private road to restrict access to the public or private road, minimize noise, and protect outdoor living areas.
      (7)   Condominium lots extending through a block and having frontage on 2 local roads shall be prohibited.
      (8)   (a)   Unless the circumstances are such that the land area is not of sufficient size to develop secondary roads, all condominium lots shall front on secondary roads.
         (b)   Condominium lots along M-113 and County Road 611 (a.k.a. Garfield or N. Brownson) and other Grand Traverse County primary roads shall not front but shall back up to the roads.
      (9)   (a)   All condominium lots shall front upon a public road, private road, or frontage road.
         (b)   Variations to this requirement may be made in the case of an approved clustered development.
(Ord. passed 10-23-1978, § 14.03)  Penalty, see § 152.999