(A)   Lands in the village, which are eligible for rezoning to the PUD District, may be zoned in the district in accordance with the procedures and requirements set forth in §§ 152.170et seq.
   (B)   The rezoning of lands to the PUD District is a 2-step process, commencing with the submission and approval of a preliminary development plan and concluding with the submission of a final development plan, a petition for PUD rezoning in accordance with the final development plan and the rezoning of lands to the PUD land use, by action of the Planning Commission and Village Council.
   (C)   In the discretion of the Zoning Administrator, a pre-application conference between the Zoning Administrator and any PUD applicant may be convened before submission of a Planned Unit Development application.
(Ord. passed 10-23-1978, § 13.06)