Before a land use permit for a use within this district shall be issued, the owners or lessors shall submit the following materials to the Village Zoning Administrator for review and approval, as in compliance with § 152.228 of the Village Planning Commission and Village Council:
   (A)   A site plan for the property showing the location of all present and proposed buildings, drives, parking areas, snow removal and storage plans, waste disposal systems, screening fences or walls, and other construction features which may be proposed;
   (B)   A description of the operations proposed in sufficient detail to indicate the effects of those operations in producing traffic congestion, noise, glare, air pollution, water pollution, fire and safety hazards, or the emission of any potentially harmful or obnoxious matter or radiation;
   (C)   Engineering and architectural plans for the treatment and disposal of sewage and industrial waste or unusable by-products;
   (D)   Any other information the Village Zoning Administrator, Planning Commission, or Village Council may require which has to do with public health, safety, or general welfare, including, but not limited to, architectural and engineering drawings of all buildings;
   (E)   Any building permit granted under this section shall become null and void unless the development proposed shall have passed its occupancy permit inspection within 1 year from the date of the granting of permit; and
   (F)   (1)   In all instances in which the Village Zoning Administrator, Planning Commission, or the Village Council considers the ability of a proposed use to meet all requirements of this chapter to be reasonably doubtful, it will be incumbent upon the proponent to furnish adequate evidence in support of the application, including deposit of surety bond in an area bank in the amount of estimated requirement costs.
      (2)   If the evidence is not presented, the building permit shall not be issued.
(Ord. passed 10-23-1978, § 12.05)