§ 152.156  PERMITTED USES.
   (A)   No building, structure, or land shall be used, and no building or structure shall be hereafter erected, structurally altered, or enlarged, except for 1 or more of the following uses incidental to the industries:
      (1)   Any production, processing, cleaning, testing, repair, storage, and distribution of materials, goods, foodstuffs, and other semi-finished or finished products from previously prepared materials;
      (2)   Trade or industrial schools;
      (3)   Research, design, pilot, or experimental product development, when conducted within a completely enclosed building;
      (4)   Veterinary hospitals, clinics, and kennels;
      (5)   Warehouses and freight terminals; and/or
      (6)   Accessory uses clearly appurtenant to the main use of the lot and customary to and commonly associated with the main use, such as:
         (a)   Incidental offices for management and materials control, dispatch, or receipt of materials;
         (b)   Restaurant or cafeteria facilities for employees;
         (c)   1.   Caretaker, security, or fire control residence, if situated separately.
            2.   The same must comply with all of the requirements for residential districts.
         (d)   1.   Identification signs referring to the principal activities on the premises shall be a minimum of 15 feet from a public right-of-way, and at least 100 feet from any residence.
            2.   Application shall be made to the Zoning Administrator for a permit to erect any sign allowed in this district.
         (e)   Retail sale of products incidental to the primary use, provided that the total amount of internal floor area devoted to sales and display does not exceed 10% of the total floor area of the establishment;
         (f)   Fire, security, or other allied facilities; and
         (g)   Public utility installations and other public buildings.
   (B)   See § 152.220 for more information. 
(Ord. passed 10-23-1978, § 12.02)  Penalty, see § 152.999