§ 152.140  SCREENING.
   (A)   As defined in § 152.226.
   (B)   Lots abutting M-113, with businesses and/or structures facing north, away from M-113, shall provide aesthetic buffers for the rear of their business and/or structures.
   (C)   The buffer may be opaque fencing, landscaping, berm, or other aesthetic buffering and plans.
   (D)   For buffer, must be submitted in the site plan for approval by the Zoning Administrator.
   (E)   Examples of suggested screening may be found in the Grand Traverse Bay Regional Development Guidebook.
(Ord. passed 10-23-1978, § 11.11; Am. Ord. 2001-4, passed 5-7-2001)  Penalty, see § 152.999