(A)   The Zoning Administrator, after review and recommendation by the Planning Commission, subject to final approval by the Village Council, may authorize special uses in this district which are found to be appropriate and compatible with the character of the area, and which shall be subject to special requirements as the Planning Commission and Village Council may consider necessary to protect adjacent property and prevent conditions which may become objectionable or offensive; provided however, any request for special use permit shall be subject to the requirements for review and approval as set forth in §§ 152.228 and 152.229.
   (B)   (1)   Car washes;
      (2)   Passenger bus stations;
      (3)   Drive-in businesses, except drive-in theaters, provided all lighting is shielded from adjacent residential districts;
      (4)   Gasoline service stations when located on a lot not less than 15,000 square feet in area with a minimum width of 100 feet.  All exterior lighting shall be so directed as to deflect away from adjacent properties;
      (5)   Open-air retail sale of plant materials not grown on the site, sales of lawn furniture, playground equipment, and garden supplies;
      (6)   Outdoor advertising signs other than those which exclusively advertise a retail business on the premises;
      (7)   Commercial parking lots and outdoor sale of trailers and boats, provided the space used is paved and adequately maintained so as to provide a durable, smooth, ductless surface, and is so graded and provided with adequate drainage facilities to carry off all collected water from the site;
      (8)   Pet shops provided that animals and birds are kept entirely within the building at all times;
      (9)   Retail second-hand stores when conducted entirely within enclosed buildings;
      (10)   Service and repair of motor vehicles, trailers, and boats;
      (11)   Veterinary hospitals and clinics;
      (12)   Laundromats, laundries, and clothes cleaning establishments without the use of explosive or inflammable fluids;
      (13)   Billiard halls, bowling alleys, indoor archery, indoor skating rinks, and similar recreational uses, provided that all uses shall be conducted within a completed enclosed building, with setback as approved by the Board of Appeals;
      (14)   Funeral homes and mortuaries;
      (15)   Public utility buildings;
      (16)   Taverns, bars, and motels;
      (17)   Privately-owned and/or operated parks; and
      (18)   Business schools, provided they are supplemental or ancillary to the primary use-by-right.  The school use must not interfere with the primary use as an active, vibrant storefront.  The school must remain secondary in regard to building square footage and signage.  A maximum of 30% of the building footprint may be utilized in a secondary capacity and must be indicated on a site plan during the site plan review stage of approval.  The school must not cause any nuisances such as smoke, dust, fumes, gas, heat, glare, noise, and/or vibration.
(Ord. passed 10-23-1978, § 10.03; Am. Ord. 2005-8, passed 7-25-2005)