(A)   Minimum lot areas.  Every 1-family dwelling hereafter erected shall be located on a lot containing not less than 10,000 square feet area.
   (B)   Minimum lot width.  Every lot upon which a 1-family dwelling is hereafter erected shall not be less than 100 feet in frontage width.
   (C)   Yard limitations.
      (1)   Front yards.  Every building hereafter erected shall have a front yard not less than 25 feet in depth.
      (2)   Side yards.  Every 1-family dwelling hereafter erected shall provide side yards not less than 10 feet, with a minimum of 20 feet between buildings and a combined side yard setback of 20 feet.
      (3)   Rear yards.  Every building hereafter shall provide a rear yard not less than 10 feet in depth.
   (D)   Building height.  Maximum height shall be 35 feet.
   (E)   Minimum floor area.  Every dwelling hereafter erected shall provide not less than 700 square feet of floor area per dwelling unit, not including basement, cellar, attic, attached garage, or other attached structure.
   (F)   Maximum lot coverage.  Maximum lot coverage shall not exceed 70%.
   (G)   Width to depth ratio of lot.  The length may be no more than 4 times the width of the property.
(Ord. passed 10-23-1978, § 5.05)  Penalty, see § 152.999