§ 150.02  MOBILE HOMES.
   (A)   Parking on dwelling premises.
      (1)   Not more than 1 trailer coach may be parked, used, and occupied on the premises of any dwelling for exceeding a period of 3 weeks and then only when the occupants of the vehicle have free access to and unlimited use of the sanitary facilities of the dwelling on the premises with written consent of the owner or of the occupant in control of the dwelling premises on the lot or tract or site and provided that application is made for permit to park, use, and occupy same, the permit to be obtained from the Village Clerk who shall approve same only if the Clerk shall find that adequate facilities are afforded on the premises for the disposal of waste and excreta.
      (2)   Upon filing application thereof with the Village Clerk in payment of a fee in an amount set by Council from time to time, the Clerk shall issue a permit which shall limit the time of the parking, use, or occupancy to a period of not longer than 3 weeks.
      (3)   Not more than 1 permit shall be issued for the trailer coach or mobile home or to any such dwelling owner or trailer coach or mobile home occupant in any 12-month period.
   (B)   Other permissive use.
      (1)   Nothing herein shall be construed as preventing the parking of the aforesaid type vehicle on the land of the owner thereof for the owner's own personal storage purposes providing the vehicle be not occupied.
      (2)   (a)   Nothing herein contained shall prevent the parking and occupancy and use of the type vehicle on land or site, lot, field, or tract owned by owner of the type vehicle provided same is for the purpose of occupancy during construction of dwelling on the land but same shall be then only parked thereon during the time of construction of dwelling and provided that permit is obtained for same from Village Clerk, fee paid as aforesaid, and the vehicle is serviced by and connected to adequate water and sanitary facilities meeting all requirements of the Michigan Department of Health and any other governmental agency having jurisdiction and authority over installation and requirements as to the facilities.
         (b)   The permit which shall be identified as a “During Construction Permit,” shall be for not longer than a 6-month period and shall be renewable by Village Clerk only on showing of hardship and inability to complete construction prior to expiration of permit.
         (c)   Any “During Construction Permit” shall be prominently displayed on the exterior of the trailer coach or mobile home.
      (3)   Nothing in SECTION TWO (d) nor division (A) above shall be construed as affecting any mobile home being presently used as an established dwelling together with the particular lot or parcel of land on which the mobile home is presently located, nor any replacement of the mobile home on the parcel, nor sale of the lot or parcel with the mobile home thereon, now or in the future, provided that the present mobile home is supplied with proper water and sanitary facilities meeting requirements of public health authorities having jurisdiction thereover and that no additional mobile home or homes be placed on the parcel and that the mobile home is not removed from the parcel except for a replacement mobile home and in the latter case the time between removal and replacement does not exceed 60 days.
   (C)   Effective date.  This section shall take effect 21 days after passage thereof.
(Ord. passed - -)  Penalty, see § 150.99