A.   Statute Adopted:
      1.   The city hereby adopts the provisions of 51 Oklahoma Statutes section 24A.5 concerning the costs of photocopying, records and record search fees as more specifically set out in said statute.
      2.   Other provisions of 51 Oklahoma Statutes section 24A.5 are hereby adopted and incorporated by reference. (Ord. 807, 2-21-1995)
   B.   Charge For Copies: The basic charge for copies shall be determined by the board of commissioners and shall be set out in the fines and fees schedule in appendix A, division IV of this code; provided, that if the city determines that said request for copies is related solely to a commercial purpose or clearly would cause excessive disruption of the city's essential function, then the city may charge a reasonable fee to recover the direct costs of document search. Further, any charges hereunder shall be prepaid by the requesting party. (Ord. 807, 2-21-1995; amd. 2013 Code)