Medical marijuana dispensaries are hereby allowed within the municipal boundaries of the city upon compliance with Section 4-4-2 of this Code, issuance of a retail medical marijuana dispensary business license, subject to a fee in an amount set by the board of commissioners as provided in the fines and fees schedule pursuant to Appendix A, Division IV of this code, and the following additional provisions.
   A.   Medical marijuana dispensary business license shall not be granted to any applicant where the proposed location would be located within one thousand feet (1,000') of any public or private school.
   B.   Conditions Of Operation:
      1.   Buildings where medical marijuana is stored or dispensed must be equipped with ventilation/air filtration systems so that no odors are detectable off premises.
      2.   The retail establishment must maintain a valid sales tax permit issued by the state.
      3.   No on premises use of marijuana or its derivatives shall be allowed.
      4.   Any violations of this section will result in the revocation of the retail medical marijuana business license.
   C.   There shall be a business license fee and an annual renewal fee as set forth in Schedule A. The annual business license will expire on June 30 and shall be renewed prior to July 1 each year. Failure to renew will result in a penalty fee of fifty percent (50%) of the annual fee and shall require reinspection as required by Section 4-4-2(b) of this Code.  (Ord. 2019-012, 9-9-2019)