The City Manager is hereby granted authority to suspend the oil well permit issued under this title where any of the provisions of this title or any amendment thereto, are violated, which suspension shall be effective until such time as such person shall comply with the provisions of this title. Before suspending any such permit the City Manager shall cause written notice to be served upon the permittee advising such permittee that a hearing will be had at a time and place fixed in such notice to determine whether the permit held by such permittee shall be suspended. Five (5) days' notice of the time of the hearing shall be given. It shall be unlawful and an offense for any person to operate any well during any period in which the permit covering the operation of such well is so suspended. The provisions of this section shall in no way limit or interfere with the enforcement of the penalties for the violation of ordinances generally, but shall be cumulative and in addition to such penalties. (Ord. 972, 9-11-2017; amd. Ord. 975, 10-10-2017)