A.   The developer shall connect to the city utility, Kingfisher Electric.
   B.   Kingfisher Electric will design the Underground Residential Distribution (URD) system for the subdivision's internal electric needs.
   C.   For installation of the URD system:
      1.   The developer will be responsible for providing and installing all primary, secondary and streetlighting conduit and required subsurface equipment for the URD system per Kingfisher Electric specifications. All roadway rights-of-way must provide for the drainage requirements of the ordinances and regulations relating thereto.
      2.   Kingfisher Electric will be responsible for the installation of all primary and secondary conductors, transformers, pedestals and other surface mounted equipment.
   D.   Subdivision design changes after installation of electric facilities, or changes made by individual builders on subdivision lots causing the need to raise or lower electric facilities due to additional grading, will require the respective developer or builder to correct these issues at their expense or reimburse Kingfisher Electric for one hundred percent (100%) the cost of labor and materials for these modifications.
   E.   The electrical service drops or service laterals will be installed by Kingfisher Electric.
   F.   In order to expedite the installation, developers shall make contact with the Kingfisher Electric Superintendent and Community Development Director to discuss the URD system plans during the plat review process. Additionally, a minimum four (4) weeks advance notice to Kingfisher Electric is required prior to developer's desired installation of primary and secondary conductors, transformers, pedestals and other surface mounted equipment.
   G.   In the event that a new addition to or extension of the electric distribution system would, in the sole discretion of the City and the Kingfisher Public Works Authority, provide a significant economic benefit to the City and/or Kingfisher Public Works Authority, which would substantially offset the costs of installation, the charge described in subsection A of this section can be waived, or partially waived, by the City and/or the Kingfisher Public Works Authority. (Ord. 2018-016, 11-13-2018; amd. Ord. 2020-003, 2-11-2020)