For the purpose of this title, certain terms used herein are defined as follows:
ALLEY: A minor right of way dedicated to public use, which gives a secondary means of vehicular access to the back or side of properties otherwise abutting a street, and which may be used for public utility purposes.
BLOCK: A parcel of land, intended to be used for urban purposes, which is entirely surrounded by public streets, highways, railroad rights of way, public walks, parks or greenstrips, rural land or drainage channels, or a combination thereof.
BUILDING LINE OR SETBACK LINE: A line or lines designating the area outside of which buildings may not be erected.
CITY: The city of Kingfisher, Oklahoma.
CITY COMMISSION: The Kingfisher city commission.
EASEMENT: A grant by the property owner to the public, a corporation or persons, of the use of a strip of land for specific purposes.
GENERAL PLAN: The comprehensive development or land use plan for the Kingfisher area which has been officially adopted to provide long range development policies for the area subject to urbanization in the foreseeable future and which includes, among other things, the plan for land use, land subdivision, circulation and community facilities.
LOT: A subdivision of a block or other parcel intended as a unit for the transfer of ownership or for development.
LOT, CORNER: A lot located at the intersection of and abutting on two (2) or more streets.
LOT, DOUBLE FRONTAGE: A lot which runs through a block from street to street and which has two (2) nonintersecting sides abutting on two (2) or more streets.
LOT, REVERSE FRONTAGE: A double frontage lot which is to be developed with the rear yard abutting a major street and with the primary means of ingress and egress provided on a minor street.
PLANNING COMMISSION: The Kingfisher planning commission.
PLAT, FINAL: A map of land subdivision prepared in a form suitable for filing of record with necessary affidavits, dedications and acceptances, and with complete bearings and dimensions of all lines defining lots and blocks, streets and alleys, public areas and other dimensions of all lines defining lots and blocks, streets and alleys, public areas and other dimensions of land.
PLAT, PRELIMINARY: A map of a proposed land subdivision showing the character and proposed layout of the tract in sufficient detail to indicate the suitability of the proposed subdivision of land.
STREET: Any public or private right of way which affords the primary means of access to abutting property.
STREET, COLLECTOR: A minor street which collects traffic from other minor streets and serves as the most direct route to a major street or a community facility.
STREET, CUL-DE-SAC: A minor street having one end open to vehicular traffic and having one end terminated by a turnaround.
STREET, FRONTAGE OR SERVICE: A minor street auxiliary to and located on the side of a major street for service to abutting properties and adjacent areas and for control of access.
STREET, MAJOR: An arterial street which is designated on the major street plan or expressway plan or future land use plan.
STREET, MINOR: A street whose primary purpose is to provide access to adjacent properties and which is designed so that its use by arterial traffic will be discouraged.
SUBDIVIDER: Any person, firm, partnership, corporation or other entity, acting as a unit, subdividing or proposing to subdivide land as herein defined.
SUBDIVISION: The division or redivision of land into two (2) or more lots, tracts, sites or parcels for the purpose of transfer of ownership or for the development or the dedication or vacation of a public or private right of way or easement. (Ord. 938, 11-14-2011)