A.   Purpose: The subdivision of land is the first step in the process of urban development. The arrangement of land parcels in the community for residential, commercial and industrial uses and for streets, alleys, schools, parks and other public purposes will determine, to a large degree, the conditions of health, safety, economy and amenity that prevail in the urban area. The quality of these conditions is of public interest. These regulations and standards for the subdivision and improvement of land for urban use are to make provision for adequate light, air open spaces, drainage, transportation, public utilities and other needs, and to ensure the development and maintenance of a healthy, attractive and efficient community that provides for the conservation and protection of its human and natural resources.
   B.   Intent: The regulations of this title are designed, intended and should be administered in a manner to:
      1.   Implement the comprehensive land use plan.
      2.   Provide neighborhood conservation and prevent the development of slums and blight.
      3.   Harmoniously relate the development of the various tracts of land to the existing community and facilitate the future development of adjoining tracts.
      4.   Provide that the cost of improvements which primarily benefit the tract of land being developed, be borne by the owners' developers.
      5.   Provide the best possible design for the tract.
      6.   Reconcile any differences of interest.
      7.   Establish adequate and accurate records of land subdivision. (Ord. 938, 11-14-2011)