A.   Building Permit:
      1.   Permits Required For Construction, Modification And Demolition: No person, firm, partnership, corporation or individual shall:
         a.   Erect, enlarge, construct, remodel, relocate, substantially improve, repair, place, alter, or move any building, structure, mobile or modular home or other type of construction without first obtaining a separate building permit for each such building or structure from the office of the building official and other City officials. (Ord. 949, 9-9-2013)
         b.   Demolish, implode or tear down any structure without first obtaining a permit from the office of the building official or other City officials. A metal, wood, or vinyl sight proof fence, not less than six feet (6') in height, installed in a manner sufficient to keep the public out of the demolition area is required where debris from such project will likely be on the ground longer than seven (7) days or an opening in the ground or structure being demolished, imploded or torn down may remain open during a period when no individuals will be actively working on the site. If there is a dispute over whether fencing is required, the opinion of the Municipal building official shall control. If a fence is not initially required, but it becomes apparent that more than seven (7) days will elapse from when demolition begins and all debris will be removed, the applicant shall be required to fence in the demolition area as if a fence had been required at the beginning of the process. (Ord. 2018-010, 9-10-2018)
      2.   Flood Hazard Areas 1 : No manmade change to improved or unimproved real estate located within a designated "flood hazard area", including, but not limited to, buildings or other structures, mining, dredging, filling, grading, paving, excavation or drilling operations, shall be initiated until a separate building permit or special use permit has been obtained for each such operation from the office of the building official.
      3.   Application For Permit; Payment Of Fee: Applications for building permits shall be signed and in writing, upon an official blank form supplied by the office of the City building official, and shall be submitted to either of said officials, along with the required fee.
      4.   Basis For Setting Fees: Building permit fees shall be as determined by the City Commission and shall be based primarily upon the Municipal costs incurred in the administration of the City building permit system.
      5.   Administration Of Process: The office of the building official shall be responsible for the administration of the building permit process within the community; building permit application forms may be obtained from, and submitted to, the City building official.
      6.   Information On Application: Applications for building permits shall contain all applicable information required on the building permit form, and shall be accompanied by, drawings of the proposed work, showing floor plans, structural details, computations and such additional information as may be required of the applicant by the office of the City building official, this Code or the City Commission.
      7.   Review Application; Conditions: Upon receipt of a complete building permit application and the required fee, the building official shall review the application to ensure that:
         a.   The involved land is properly zoned for the proposed use;
         b.   Applicable zoning district provisions have been met;
         c.   Roadway access is available;
         d.   Adequate sanitary provisions have been made for utilities;
         e.   All easements provided in the recorded plat, if any, are not encroached upon;
         f.   All other required municipal permits have been obtained.
      8.   Issuance Of Permit: If the city building official is satisfied that the proposed work described in the application and attached materials conform to the requirements of the adopted zoning ordinance, building code and other regulations and requirements, he shall authorize the issuance of the building permit by signing the application and shall return a copy to the applicant.
      9.   Denial Of Permit: If the application or attached materials do not conform to pertinent municipal regulations, the city building official shall not approve said application. The building official shall return the application, with written reason(s) attached, to the applicant. The applicant may subsequently amend his application, if possible, and resubmit it, or initiate other action to correct the deficiencies.
      10.   Time Limit For Permit Decision: The city building official shall complete all required review processes in an efficient and effective manner. The building official shall approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove the building permit application within ten (10) working days, without unreasonable or unnecessary delay.
      11.   Authority Of Permit: A building permit, once approved and issued, shall be construed as a permit to proceed with the work and shall not be construed as authority to violate, cancel, alter or set aside any municipal regulations, nor shall such issuance prevent the city building official from thereafter requiring a correction of errors in plans, construction or a violation of this chapter.
      12.   Time Limit For Work To Commence: If the work allowed under an issued building permit has not been initiated and actively pursued within six (6) months from the issuance date of the permit, such permit shall become null and void, unless a request for an extension is submitted to, and approved by, the city building official. If the permit becomes null and void, a new permit must be obtained and the regular fee incident thereto collected, in order for the work to be initiated or resumed.
      13.   Record Of Permits And Fee Payments: The city building official shall keep a permanent and accurate accounting of all building permits and fee payments and subject to open records act.
      14.   Revocation Of Permit: The building official may revoke a building permit in case there has been any false statement or misrepresentation as to a material fact in the application or attached materials on which the building permit approval was based.
      15.   Display Of Permit: Building permits shall be conspicuously displayed on the project or site, in a manner visible from the street.
      16.   Utility Connections: The city clerk and the city building official shall monitor municipal utility hookup request and shall not allow municipal utilities to be turned on to any unit, structure or project for which a building permit has not been issued.
      17.   Appeals To Board Of Adjustment: Appeals from any aggrieved person concerning a decision of the city building official relative to the granting of building permits, shall be taken to the Kingfisher board of adjustment, who shall act as the permit board of appeals for the city.
      18.   Conflicts; Prevailing Provisions: In the event of any conflict between these building permit provisions delineated herein and any provisions of the building code adopted by the city commission, the provisions of this chapter shall prevail.
   B.   Pavement Cutting Permit:
      1.   Permit Required: It shall be unlawful for any person to cut any pavement on any street or alley within the city without a permit from the office of the building official.
      2.   Safeguards At Night: Any person cutting such pavement shall maintain proper safeguards, with suitable lights, during the night hours sufficient in number to give adequate warning of danger to all persons.
   C.   Damaged Buildings:
      1.   Building Repair Permit Required: If any building within the city shall be seriously damaged by fire, the elements, decay, or otherwise, to such an extent as to render it dangerous, or render any part of it dangerous, such building shall not be repaired, or the walls thereof be used for rebuilding upon until the same has been carefully examined by the building official and a permit given for such building or repair to proceed.
      2.   Removal Of Damaged Buildings: Any existing buildings within the fire limits which may hereafter be damaged by fire, the elements, decay or otherwise to any amount greater than fifty percent (50%) of its original value shall not be repaired or rebuilt, but shall be removed. (Ord. 941, 11-14-2011)
   D.   Contracting For Services: Should the City of Kingfisher need to contract out any portion of plans review, inspections, or any other services associated with the issuance of any permit (building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical or otherwise) or verification of compliance with various code, then the costs will be invoiced to the permittee by the City. A Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued until all invoiced costs have been paid by the applicant. Said costs shall be in addition to any and all other fees required. (Ord. 2019-001, 2-11-2019)



1. See title 13 of this Code.